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Zoe Rosenberg in Washington DC. In 2018, Rosenberg was one of four finalists nationally for PETA's 13th Annual Young Animal Activist Of The Year award.

In 2018, Rosenberg was detained by police while protesting the slaughter of a pig at an on-campus slaughterhouse at California Polytechnic State University, drawing attention to the fact that animals were being routinely slaughtered at this public university. Later in 2018, she was arrested for chaining herself to a gate at a slaughterhouse, bringing awareness to what she believes are the ugly aspects of food production. Her protest and arrest was live-streamed on Facebook, the video watched by over 50,000 people while it was happening and many more after the fact.

Working with DxE and actor James Cromwell in 2018, Rosenberg helped lead the rescue of 100 turkeys from the Norbest slaughterhouse in Utah, many of which were taken to Happy Hen Animal Sanctuary in California.

In 2019, Rosenberg received national attention for conducting a high profile protest on live television during the NCAA Football National Championship Game in Levi Stadium. The protest was aimed at animal products sold in the stadium and the inhumane conditions at supplier facilities.

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