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John L. Parker Jr. is an American writer and the author of the cult classic novel Once A Runner and the more recently published Again to Carthage and Racing the Rain. The trilogy chronicles the struggles of Quenton Cassidy, a middle-distance runner.

Cassidy, a passionate, obsessive runner, is first introduced in Once A Runner, published in 1978. Thirty years later Parker follows the career of Cassidy in a second book Again to Carthage, published in late 2007. In "Once a Runner" Cassidy is an elite college athlete who is suspended from school and prohibited from competing in his university's track meets. He trains in private hoping to compete in disguise. In "Again to Carthage," ten years have passed for Cassidy. After taking a break from running, he begins training again in earnest trying to recapture the feeling and the glory of the past, this time through long-distance running. 2015's "Racing the Rain" recounts Cassidy's early years.

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